As the old saying goes “nothing in life is free” and that may be true for the most part, but here at The Spinner – we like to do things a bit differently! We offer a genuine opportunity for all our players to win cash online for free.

Our game is designed to give all players an equal chance of hitting a winning number, be it for the cash Jackpot or one of our other bonus giveaways. We use a random number generator (RNG) platform to generate our results – currently set at odds between 000 and 400.

The Spinner will produce a random number each time the red SPIN button is pressed. It won’t take into account your previous results, or the results of other players, and is therefore not programmed to make you or anyone else purposely lose (or win for that matter!).

Another aspect for you to know is that we designate a monthly Jackpot amount strictly within our budget. If and when a player takes the Jackpot, it makes no difference to us if it’s won once per month or ten times per month.

And so you might be wondering… ‘Why would someone give away cash for free’? Well, the website is paid for wholly by advertisements just like you might find on a commercial TV station. Some of these sponsors may be giving away extra prizes too, so please do give them a click and check out what they have to offer.