The Spinner is completely free to play and always will be.

There’s no cost to take a spin nor claim a prize should you win.

All players will start off with 5 spins and then be credited 2 additional spins every day.

One spin is awarded at 5am and will remain until 4:59pm (UTC).

The next will be awarded at 5pm and remain until 4:59am (UTC). And so on…

Please note… if you don’t either ‘Play’ or ‘Save’ your spin in time, it will be lost.

Use your spins to win the cash jackpot or a selection of other prizes.

And that’s all there is to it. But just remember one thing…

If you don’t SPIN, you can’t WIN!


If you have any further questions, see our FAQs or drop us a message via the Contact section.