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If you’re stuck with nothing to do and find yourself bored online, there’s a whole host of hidden gems dotted around the internet that can provide the perfect antidote. We’ve found four pretty interesting ones here we think you may enjoy.

Geo Guessr

Calling all geography fans! Geo Guessr is the perfect online game to test your knowledge. You’re dropped onto a random spot on Google Maps and tasked with guessing the location. Simply drag your pin onto the world map and earn points for being as close as possible.

It’s very tricky and in many cases, the geo-view you’re given could literally be anywhere on planet earth. The images may look exactly like rural American or the Australian outback and there’s few ways to differentiate between them. Others will give off certain clues, such as local monuments and street names, which makes the investigation that bit more interesting.

Level Up Life

Lacking the motivation to gets things done? Well if procrastination is one of your traits, then Level Up Life could be the perfect online tool to help boost productivity and accomplish all of life’s goals – no matter how big or small – one step at a time.

Sign up for a free account and add a task to your personal list, e.g. tidy up the spare room. Once complete, you’ll earn points, progress through levels and unlock further categories where new challenges can be made and completed. Being able to visualise your accomplishments on-screen, along with areas to improve, can really help some people sustain motivation. 

How Stuff Works?

See yourself as a philomath? Do you even know what a philomath is? Either way, you should head over to How Stuff Works and immerse yourself in the numerous informative articles on their site. If you’re struggling to answer questions on The Chase or Pointless, this is the website for you.

It’s packed full of short articles on, well pretty much anything really, from current affair stories to ‘How Are Airplane Cabins Pressurized?’ and “Can I Survive a Shark Attack by Gouging Out Its Eyes?” You can browse articles by category and even play a few interesting quizzes to test your knowledge. Give it a try and make killing time online that bit more worthwhile.  


Speaking of quizzes, Sporcle is one of the best online quiz websites out there. Along with your standard question and answer layout, there’s a whole host of other interactive formats available to play – such as finding a particular country on the map or matching up the first and last names of prominent historical figures.

You can also create your own quiz to share with the world and even play against friends online using the Virtual Trivia platform via Zoom. Give it a go and boost your knowledge when there’s not a lot much else going on in your life.


There’s plenty of other ways to relieve your boredom on the internet as well, such as listening to podcasts, online shopping, playing free games and others we don’t dare mention, with each looking to grab your attention for as long as possible.

Of course, we would like you to visit The Spinner on a regular basis too, but we can also assure you our website doesn’t seek to trap players by creating a ‘sticky’ game format. With limited plays awarded per day, you simply enter your three-digit number and launch the game into action.

The whole process is very quick and won’t keep you for too long. However, do remember you must log in and either Play or Save your Spin before 5am/5pm or it will be lost for good. 

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