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You may not be familiar with the term ‘comping’ but for some people in the UK, it has become a part of their daily routine. It is the pursuit of entering online competitions – as many of them as possible – over a sustained period.

With thousands of prize draws and raffles taking place across the UK every day, the logic is that the more competitions you enter, the more chance you have of winning something and therefore justifying the effort put in.

The Comping Life

The most prominent ‘compers’ will begin their day early and embark on their usual hunt for the most valuable competitions online. This often involves heading to well-known forums or Facebook groups where other prize-hunting obsessives gather to share and debate the latest offerings.

Naturally, some competitions are more worthwhile than others as the potential field of entrants is relatively small, whilst the prize itself is still valuable. Likewise, those that have short-term promotion dates (giving others less chance to take part) and don’t require too much effort to enter are also keenly sought out.

They then proceed to enter as many as possible, with some claiming to try their luck at up to 100 per day, although around 40-50 per week is deemed to be the average figure. They set up separate email accounts to keep their venture organised, maintain spreadsheet tracking reports and some even invest in a new mobile phone to minimise the disruption of spam calls.

Is It Worth It?

Many of the prizes on offer are not something to give up the day job for. Winning an expensive bottle of perfume, fridge freezer or luxury 3-day getaway may be nice but won’t exactly pay the bills.

High-profile life-changing giveaways are harder to come by and most popularly found on ITV where a staggering £7 million has been handed out over the past 12 months. Their tax-free sums can range in value, with the biggest to date being the humungous £500,000 that was given away in late 2019.

But of course you wouldn’t expect a commercial station to give away such vast amounts for nothing in return. Although there is a free postal entry, most people will take part via the web, SMS or by phone which cost at least £2 an entry.

With the number entrants estimated to be over 1 million per big competition, not only is this a money-making scheme for the company, but the chances of you winning are incredibly small and certainly not worth the risk of investing in long term.

Shall I Give It A Go?

A few high-profile cases of ‘top winners’ have made it into the press in recent years, but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence that comping can provide a regular and viable side income. However, this doesn’t mean you should be put off completely, especially if there’s nothing to lose.

For free-to-enter competitions, if you have the time on your hands, as well as the patience and discipline, then it can be a rather enjoyable pursuit. Once your separate email account is set up, entering the odd prize draw whilst in front of the TV won’t hurt – and you simply never know what may come of it.

At The Spinner, we’re just adding to the increasing number of free online competitions – but hopefully in a more fun way than just entering your email address and hoping for a lucky reply. If you’re a regular ‘comper’, then there’s no reason not to stop by whilst doing the usual rounds. Our odds of winning are much lower than other competitions and we’re giving away cash and other fantastic prizes every day, all for free!

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